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Dear customers, please read our rules before buy!
           ***If you want to get refundable***
By registering you agree to our rules.
We Only Accept Bitcoin. We will not return money from your balance.
We are not accepting any complains about checker result. We use 2 different private checker merchant places.
We selling random cvv with random balance.
If Card has verified by visa or security 3d MC protect - we will not replace or refund.
You have only free check at checker within 3 minutes. Please go to My Cards and click to check, else you can't get refund. When the card is NOT VALID, you receive the refund. The refund is automatic.
If Checker reported Card is VALID and it declines in some shop, this means it is low or no balance card we do not refund for this.
We will not be able to help if checker say "NOT IN TIME". (You should check cards within 3 minutes from you buy cards)
Reselling from shop is allowed.
If you want to buy large quantities, please contact us using the support email.
One account is for one user. If we found that you share your login with someone, your account will be locked, and no money returned.
Anyone who tries to cheat this shop, account will be locked and no money returned.
Once you buy a cc from our site, you can check it for live or dead by a tool provided within the site as well. However, the checking is ONLY considered to be valid within 5 MINUTES, in which, if the cc is dead, your money will be returned back into your current balance automatically. Please remember that there will be NO REFUNDING if the cc is NOT checked within 5 MINUTES since you buy it from the site.
Not answer the problems aside.